My interest in the internet began at a very young age with my first encounter with AOL. At thirteen I taught myself HTML from online documentation in order to create a webpage for my middle school band. The band didn’t last, but my passion for building elegant web experiences is still going strong. In 2004 I moved to Portland to attend the Art Institute of Portland and pursue web design and development as a career. My strong background in design and UX uniquely positions me as a developer who can take a project from concept to completion, or offer UI/U insight along the way. With 23 years of experience developing websites, I’ve seen the field evolve tremendously, and the ever changing nature of the technologies suits my lifelong need to always be learning new things. My current focus lies in creating highly usable and engaging web apps that continuously save and intelligently respond to user input. With 10 years working as a freelancer, I am deadline oriented and can work with little oversight, but also recognize the need for excellent communication and collaboration with other project members. One of my most valuable skills is the ability to quickly learn new methodologies and frameworks.

Languages & Tools

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
    • Preprocessors such as SASS & LESS
    • Mobile first & Responsive design
  • JavaScript
    • Libraries including: jQuery, Angular, & Backbone
    • Desktop and mobile app deployment via Electron & Node.js
    • Asynchronous saves and updates (AJAX) via XML, JSON, or proprietary web service
  • Git, SVN, and other versioning tools
  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, Audition
  • Past focuses include:
    • Wordpress, PHP, Adobe AIR, Flash Actionscript 2/3

Professional Experience

Featured Products Tool for Intel RXT

This tool allows individual retailers to add custom featured products to the Intel Retail Experience Toolkit. It is built in Angular and utilizes Node.js and Electron to read and write JSON which is digested by the RXT.
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Intel RXT

For the last 5 years I have worked almost exclusively on the Intel Retail Experience Toolkit, or RXT. The Intel RXT is a sales tool used internationally by big tech retailers (like Best Buy) to help sales staff better sell customers on the benefits of products that utilize Intel technology. The RXT has gone through dozens of revisions, translations, and customizations, and I have been responsible for developing the overarching architecture, implementing new features, and sometimes creating new content, QA and bugfixing. I've taken on varying levels of responsibility for new releases, working both with larger teams of in-house and off-site developers, and occasionally solo. The RXT is a Windows desktop app that has evolved from a Flash project deployed with Adobe Air, to an Angular project presented in an Electron wrapper served by Node.js

Work History

RAMAGE WEB WORKS, LLC 2014 – Present
Contract Developer - Continued my work for R/West on Intel projects as a contractor working remotely.

R/WEST 2013 - 2014
Senior Front End Developer - Created websites and webapps for clients like First Tech Credit Union, Bridgeport Brewing, Intel, and FLIR. Worked as a lead developer for Intel’s RXT, a hugely successful retail sales tool.

Contract Web / Flash Developer - Worked with Portland area agencies CMD, Ascentium (now Smith), Emerge, The New Group, Nemo, Via Training, Dachis Group, Fixative, Ideba Marketing, R/West, and others for end clients including: Intel, Nike, HP, Cisco, Jenny Craig, Regence Health, and Fox Entertainment.

CMD AGENCY 2006 – 2009
Web / Flash Developer - Developed solutions for clients including: The Regence Group, Jeld-Wen, Intel, Microsoft, Autodesk, and Cisco Systems.

Web Developer, Graphic Designer - While attending the University of Montana, I worked for the University Center Marketing Group and Spectral Fusion, making websites, print media, and logos for university departments and University Center events and businesses.

Web Designer / Developer - Designed and built websites for several companies under the Diamond B umbrella while in high school.


B.S Interactive Media Design – 9/2007
Art Institute of Portland

Professional Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I’ve worked closely with Ryan Ramage for approximately 5 years on a variety of projects. The main deliverables have been websites, custom online tools, Flash-based apps, and HTML-based apps for Windows and Android. I would happily work with Ryan again as well as strongly recommend him to other people or companies looking for a developer with expert-level skills and a friendly, collaborative attitude.

Beyond simply getting the work done in a professional manner, the way I think Ryan contributed the most was to ask good questions that led to efficient, flexible, scalable solutions. When necessary, he had no trouble knocking out a quick proof of concept, but his real talent lies in stepping back and seeing the big picture. This is an approach that elevates Ryan from the type of developers who simply put their heads down and work – indeed, it was invaluable to have Ryan involved as early in projects as possible to help understand technical specifications and shape elegant solutions. This is a role he played extremely well, helping our team avoid headaches and missed opportunities as projects grew.

Two more notes about Ryan that illustrate why I love working with him:

First, he has an inherent grasp of user-experience best practices. I often asked him to partner with designers to give input on how to improve the ways users interacted with the digital experiences we built. An added bonus was that Ryan was more than capable of building prototypes without much guidance as long as he was up to speed on the business logic and overall strategy.

And last but not least, I often asked Ryan to investigate, evaluate, and learn new technologies on the fly. My impression was that he relished these challenges – he certainly excelled at them. He was instrumental in leading our teams as we ramped up our core competencies in Angular and Electron, among others.

In case I haven’t made the case clearly enough, you should work with Ryan. I expect I will again too.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alex Head
Director of Innovation – RWest