Below are some samples of flash projects I have developed. Please note that while I did the 'motion design' for these pieces, the graphic assets and layouts were provided for me by the clients. All projects are developed in Actionscript 3, and utilize the TweenLite package.

Autodesk BIM Solutions

This project for Autodesk was developed with the goal of repurposing much of it's functionality for other similar projects. All content comes from an XML file, including all text, links, and even details such as fill color, fill opacity, stroke color, stroke opacity, stroke weight, and tooltip location for the hotspots and main menu buttons. The hotspot shapes are even controlled by coordinates in the XML so that the piece can be updated at anytime without the need to republish the swf.

Cisco CLUE Index

All content for this project for Cisco comes from an XML file so that it could be easily updated and translated. I was responsible for the implementation and motion design.

Intel WiMAX Postcards

This project was created for an Intel event where people could use a kiosk machine's webcam to create and share a 'postcard'. Please note that this piece appears pixelated because it has been scaled down from it's original size. Also, since this demo does not include the backend files that manage the gallery, the progress swirl will spin indefinitely after clicking the "Submit to Gallery" button on the final screen.

Online Classroom Quiz

This quiz was created as part of a suite of quizzes, including multiple choice quizzes, and true/false quizzes. All text comes from XML, and questions can easily be added or removed by simply editing the XML file. Because this quiz is informational and is not graded, students are allowed to go back to previous questions and change their answers (by client request). Please note that because this quiz was to be deployed in a pop-up window, the "Exit Quiz" and "Close" button will not function correctly on this page.